Transitioning to a Smaller House? 4 Tips for Downsizing smoothly in Atlanta

Posted by Wendy G Brown on Jan 28, 2019 in Real Estate Tips

Atlanta GA - It has been 25 years for me and finally my child is out of the house. Do you hear the parade playing in the background? I am so excited but how am I to go from a 4 bedroom to something smaller.  If you are like me the thought of selling your home and transitioning into something smaller may have crossed your mind. You have more space than you really need. Or perhaps you want to minimize your lifestyle and shrink your carbon footprint. Whatever your reason for downsizing is an extremely important transitional moment, you can rest assured that moving into a smaller home will not cramp your style. Making a more modest space work doesn't have to be difficult. Hopefully, these tips can help you make the transition with ease.

First, Identify Your Needs

Before you start organizing things for the move, identify your needs. Think about your lifestyle in Atlanta GA and what things you will need to support your lifestyle during this transitional moment. Be aware of what resources you will absolutely need moving forward. If you have a lot of pictures and other sentimental items, consider ways to preserve these things for your children or grandkids. Maybe you can scan and upload old photographs to a shared online family photo album.

Second, Get Rid Of Rarely Used Items

It can be challenging to get rid of things — even if you don't use them often. However, change is good. Downsizing your belongings in Atlanta GA can also simplify your life. If you have items that still have a lot of life left in them, you might try giving them to family members, charities or friends. Finding a good home for your things can make it easier to part with them. You could also try to sell items that are valuable.

Third, Choose Smart Storage Solutions

Having less square footage doesn't mean that you must get rid of everything you own. You just have to be smart about how you organize your space in Atlanta GA. There are many storage solutions that can help you make the most of a small area. Maybe mount your television to the wall to enhance your floor space. Use storage ottomans for combination seating and storage. Built-in cabinets are also great storage solutions for tiny rooms. In the upcoming weeks, you see videos on my youtube channel showing just how we can utilize small spaces to our advantage.

Fifth, Take Measurements

Before you move furniture and other larger items, measure the space to make sure that they will fit. Also, measure how many cabinets and closet space you will have available for use. You can use these measurements as a guide before moving anything to your new home. This simple step will save you the hassle of having to later get rid of items that you have already moved over.

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